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New Symbionic Leg From Ossur

  • The new SYMBIONIC® LEG from Össur is the world’s first and only complete Bionic leg. The advanced prosthesis is the first to combine a Bionic microprocessor knee and a powered Bionic ankle with proactive ankle flexion into a single, integrated unit.
  • The integrated Bionic knee and ankle operate seamlessly together. This enables the SYMBIONIC LEG to quickly learn its user’s walking style and make real-time adjustments according to changes in speed, stride or surface.
  • Alabama Orthotics and Prosthetics, Inc. is among first in U.S. to offer the SYMBIONIC LEG, enabling Huntsville, AL amputees to be among the first to experience the benefits of the world’s first integrated bionic prosthetic leg.
  • The SYMBIONIC LEG was designed to enable users to experience greater safety, symmetry and confidence when walking, without needing to adapt their walking style or otherwise compensate for their prosthesis.
  • The SYMBIONIC LEG was designed to enhance user’s safety through powered toe lift and stumble recovery, which can help reduce the risk of trips and falls.
  • It also encourages greater symmetry while walking, by performing consistent ground clearance and making it easier for the user to initiate the ‘swing phase’ as they extend their limb, thereby helping restore a more nature gait and better matching the user’s native limb length.

The majority of prosthetists who participated in field testing reported that their amputee wearers demonstrated a more even stride length when walking on the SYMBIONIC LEG. Nearly half of surveyed prosthetists also observed less hip hiking and vaulting during their patients’ first three weeks of use. With its unique intelligent terrain adaptation capabilities, the SYMBIONIC LEG also can help enhance users’ confidence, by providing stability while walking on such everyday surfaces as grass, slopes, or uneven ground. This enables the user to walk more easily without having to literally watch their every step.
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