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i-LIMB – Myo Electric Hand

The i-LIMB hand is effectively a chassis for five selfcontained, individually powered fingers or ProDigits™.

Built upon more than 35 years of advanced biomechanical engineering design and technological innovations, the i-LIMB Hand manufactured by Touch Bionics, features ground-breaking functionality not available in other myo-electric devices:

  • Anatomically Correct Hand with Five (5) fully articulating powered digits providing a firm, conformable grip on objects of varying shapes, thus reducing the potential for “premature releases” and the “mental effort” of hand control.
  • Human-like compliant grip allows each independently motorized finger to tightly grasp varying shapes and replicate human prehension.
  • User Positioned, Rotatable Thumb allows multiple positions to maximize grip options and increase manual dexterity.
  • Compatibility with Existing Arms utilizing traditional interfaces, allows long term myoelectric

Click here to download SPS iLIMB Benefits Summary PDF