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Power Knee – Unique Benefits of Ossur Power Knee

Ossur Power Knee

Why?? A Ussur Power Knee-

  • Locked knee stability
  • Secure standing with knee in any position
  • Positive lock engaged in any position
  • Swing assistance
  • Powered swing flexion assures toe clearance
  • Powered swing extension assists with swing dynamics
  • Powered swing extension overcomes swing interruption
  • Powered knee control for recovery and lift
  • Powered stance extension during walking
  • Assistance from sit-to-stand
  • Assistance for stair ascent

Targeted Medical Benefits-

  • Further reduce chances of falls compared to MPKs
  • Maintaining/expanding mobility, especially for users with less voluntary control or more muscle/limb loss
  • Sit to stand, stand to sit
  • Ambulate farther and more in a day
  • Less energy consumption and fatigue during ADLs
  • Reduce stress and long term degradation to sound side, back, shoulders
  • Reduce pain meds, delay join replacements, etc

Targeted Clinical Benefits –

  • Standing
  • Normalized posture and balance shift
  • Reduced stress on low back
  • Improved symmetry and reduced loading of sound limb.
  • 15 Degree dynamic knee movement for comfort
  • Powered Stance Extension
  • Full extension in stance regardless of initial position.
  • Active lift over prosthetic side for ramp and curb steps
  • Powered Swing Flexion
  • Minimizes hip power required for toe clearance.
  • Reduces compensatory movements from hip and pelvis
  • Assures toe clearance for reduced tripping
  • Improves gait at slow speed walking
  • Powered Swing Extension
  • Overcome obstructions to swing.
  • Stumble reaction
  • Insures full extension on initial contact
  • Assistance from Sit-To-Stand
  • Reduced power for standing (Contra lateral and Upper-X)
  • Long term reduction in strain on remaining structures
  • Assistance for Stair Ascent
  • Active lift for stair ascent
  • Reduced demands on contra lateral limb

Power Knee Patients can include:

  • Unilateral AK’s with
  • Short residual limb or other limitation of voluntary control
  • Existing mobility limitation, especially on contra-lateral side
  • Increased risk of heart attack
  • Unilateral AK’s with diagnosed degenerative condition(s)
  • OA or RA
  • Long term AK that has induced some other orthopedic injury
  • Traumatic amputee with other injuries
  • Bilateral above knee amputees, “Hips” & “Hemi’s”

Click here to download Power Knee Brochure – PDF